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Chapter 1: Addressing Publisher-Developer-Community Relationships with Polkadot Chain

In 2022, at GameDAO, we recognized the need to enhance the relationship between game developers, publishers, and the community using the Polkadot Chain's governance functionality and tokens. Our platform aimed to offer various organizational options for indie game developers, publishers, and investor syndicates. To achieve this, we adopted the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) as a fundamental framework. This allowed indie game developers to create and utilize DAOs for crowdfunding campaigns, community-driven decision-making, and more. Later, we introduced a "Battlepass" feature to further engage fans.

Chapter 2: Advanced User Research and Web3 Wallet Onboarding

As the UX Lead, I led a team of two designers, including a UI Designer and a Graphic Designer, with the objective of creating a user-friendly platform tailored to our target audiences. Through advanced user research, we identified pain points and desired outcomes for each user group: developers, publishers, and investors. We also addressed Web3 wallet onboarding issues, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for users. Additionally, we familiarized ourselves with the MUI library, customizing it to suit our needs.

Chapter 3: Streamlining Blockchain Governance for User-Friendly Flows

Converting the complexity of DAO and blockchain technology into user-friendly flows was a significant challenge. Working in a product team using the Scrum process, we extended our user research and refined the MUI library for our specific requirements. Through workshops and iterative design processes, we identified the core features necessary for the platform. We began by developing the "Creator DAO" section, which included an ID page, a wizard for creating DAOs, and the ability to launch crowdfunding campaigns. We also designed a rudimentary governance function to facilitate voting. The platform was optimized for mobile view, ensuring a seamless experience across devices. Simultaneously, we refreshed the GameDAO brand and integrated a simple landing page directly into the dApp.

Chapter 4: Unfulfilled Potential and the Importance of Web3 Onboarding

Regrettably, due to insufficient funding, the project was terminated before the first public beta release. However, our experiences in the Web3 space highlighted the challenges of onboarding users to the Web3 ecosystem. Despite this setback, we recognized the immense potential of blockchain governance for game development and organizational structures. The inclusive nature of blockchain technology allows for broad participation, and the integration of smart contracts provides a solid legal foundation for the entire ecosystem.


GameDAO aimed to revolutionize the relationship between game developers, publishers, and the community through blockchain governance powered by the Polkadot Chain. Despite the project's premature conclusion, our efforts in user research, customized design, and mobile optimization demonstrated our commitment to creating a user-friendly platform. The experiences gained emphasized the importance of addressing Web3 onboarding challenges. The potential for blockchain governance in game development and organizational structures remains significant, as it offers widespread participation and a secure foundation through smart contracts. This project showcased my ability to lead a design team, adapt to emerging technologies, and create user-centric solutions within the Web3 ecosystem.

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Marco Bahn CEO of GameDAO:  "I've got to say - your work as UX Lead? Absolutely top-tier! You've turned our platform into a user-friendly wonderland. It's like you waved a magic wand and poof! Instant awesomeness. Working with you has been more fun than a barrel of pixelated monkeys. Keep up the stellar work!"
August 23, 2023
Carsten Greif