myylink - Streamlining Link Pages: Mobile-First Approach with Enhanced Creative Freedom

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Chapter 1: Identifying the Need for Simpler Mobile Link Pages

In 2021, building upon the lessons learned from the Sellby app, we recognized the opportunity to simplify the process of creating link pages with a mobile-first approach. As a designer within the company, our focus shifted towards developing an app that allowed users to effortlessly build link pages directly from their mobile devices. Alongside brand development and app design, our goal was to introduce a new type of theme editor that offered users greater creative freedom.

Chapter 2: Leveraging Sellby App Experience and Introducing the Inline Editor

Drawing from the experience gained during the design of the Sellby app, we devised an innovative solution to enhance the user experience of building link pages. By transforming the editor into an inline editor, we made the entire process remarkably simple and intuitive. This streamlined approach allowed users to edit their link pages seamlessly, with real-time feedback and visual representation of changes. The inline editor proved to be a significant improvement, providing users with a hassle-free means of creating personalized link pages.

Chapter 3: Unleashing Creative Freedom with the Theme Editor

To empower users with enhanced creative possibilities, we developed a cutting-edge theme editor as part of the app. This theme editor incorporated three key elements: links, text, and backgrounds. Each element offered a selection of 15 colors and 5 gradients, enabling users to personalize their link pages with thousands of unique combinations. The theme editor's versatility garnered positive feedback from users, who appreciated the breadth of creative options it provided.

Chapter 4: Introducing Comprehensive Analytics

Recognizing the importance of data and insights for content creators, we designed an analytics screen within the app. This screen provided users with detailed information about their link pages, including metrics such as social media clicks and engagement. The analytics screen offered valuable insights into the performance of link pages, allowing users to optimize their online presence effectively. This feature received high praise in App Store reviews, underscoring its usefulness in monitoring and improving the impact of link pages.

Chapter 5: Success and User Satisfaction

Within a short span, the app garnered approximately 15,000 users, including a significant number of paying customers. The positive feedback from App Store reviews reflected the enthusiasm for the app's simple editor functionality, versatile theme editor, and comprehensive analytics screen. The user satisfaction demonstrated that our mobile-first approach, combined with enhanced creative freedom, successfully addressed the needs of content creators seeking to build captivating link pages.


Through the evolution of our company and the invaluable experience gained from the Sellby app, we identified the need for simpler mobile link pages. By leveraging this knowledge, we developed an intuitive inline editor and a feature-rich theme editor that empowered users with unparalleled creative freedom. The introduction of a comprehensive analytics screen further enhanced the app's utility, enabling content creators to monitor their link page performance. With over 15,000 users and positive reviews, this project showcases my ability to design user-centric solutions that simplify complex tasks and meet the needs of a demanding market.

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Finally, a look at the Adobe XD file, many iterations and user flow attempts.