sellby - Creating Hyperpages: Revolutionizing Link Pages for Content Creators

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Chapter 1: Identifying a Gap in the Link Page System

In 2018, as a seasoned content creator with over 10 years of experience, I recognized a significant gap in the "link pages" system. There was no effective way for users to support creators through donations, and existing link page services were limited to desktop platforms. Inspired to address this problem, I conceptualized a mobile-first link page builder with diverse media capabilities.

Chapter 2: Researching User Needs and Competitor Analysis

To begin tackling the challenge, I conducted extensive user research by engaging with various content creators. Through interviews and discussions, I gained valuable insights into their pain points and aspirations. These findings were transformed into a comprehensive user journey, emphasizing both the challenges faced and the opportunities for improvement. Additionally, I performed a thorough analysis of competing platforms such as Linktree and Patreon, exploring their limitations and unique features. This research formed the foundation for the subsequent design phase.

Chapter 3: Designing the Hyperpages App

With a clear understanding of user requirements and the competitive landscape, I embarked on designing the Hyperpages app. Starting with simple wireframes, I anticipated the difficulties of developing an editor for such a small device. As I progressed, I converted the wireframes into a high-fidelity prototype, collaborating closely with my exceptional developer colleague. Together, we swiftly developed a minimum viable product (MVP) that addressed the identified pain points. Internal testing highlighted the need for a more intuitive editor, leading to the development of a two-level system, enhancing the user experience. Beta testing, facilitated by Firebase and TestFlight, enabled us to refine the product until it was ready for release.

Chapter 4: Crafting the Hyperpages Brand

Understanding the importance of a strong brand, I aimed to create a distinctive identity for Hyperpages. Drawn to the allure of Pictorial Marks, I sought to develop a brand that embodied the essence of social media and content creation – a representation of people and their interactions. This vision materialized into the logo, affectionately named "Dana," which became an integral part of the app, appearing as an app icon and across our social media channels. To engage our early adopters, we even sent personalized welcome packages with limited edition "Beta Tester" stickers.

Chapter 5: Success and Evolution

Within just four months, the Hyperpages app amassed approximately 5000 active users, validating the need for a simple yet powerful link page solution. However, through user interviews, we discovered that users desired more tangible benefits for donating to creators. Responding to this valuable feedback, we decided to develop a second app, removing the donation principle while retaining the simplicity and versatility of building link pages.


Through my journey as a content creator and an interaction design master student, I identified a gap in the link page system and took the initiative to found a company with a talented developer. By leveraging user research, design expertise, and an iterative development process, we successfully launched the Hyperpages app, revolutionizing the way content creators build their online presence. Our commitment to user feedback and continuous improvement led to the development of a second app, further catering to the evolving needs of our users. This project exemplifies my ability to identify problems, conduct research, design intuitive interfaces, and build successful products that meet user expectations.

Stats: many donations went to the creators

Finally, a look at the Adobe XD file, many iterations and user flow attempts.