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Here is a small selection of old projects. These are often the result of teamwork and were implemented as a functional prototype.

metab 2.0 - tangible Task Management

Driven by the idea to make task management something more tangible, the idea for metab was born. With the help of the tabs which are equipped with a position sensor and ePaper display and wifi connectivity, users can better organize their task management. Companies can use the metab software on the desktop or mobile device to organize their tasks as before, creating a "task pool" for each department. Each user can then plan their day individually and the software sends tasks to be completed to the tab. As soon as the user removes the tab from the dock, they accept the task and can start working on it while automatically tracking their time. Easy

Interface to pre-schedule daily tasks for the hardware. The tasks in the rightmost stack are then processed on the hardware.
Complete setup with hardware and software
Pending task can be taken from the dock
This starts the time recording for the respective task automatically.
The tab can be easily placed on the desk while editing and tracks the task time minute by minute.
To interrupt tracking for a short time, simply flip the tab over, to finish the task, put it back into the dock. metab keep it simlpe, work different

SMS to the Streets - feels like 90s

My vision was to enable users to create their own link page within 5 seconds. That's exactly what this app is optimized for. After the short registration process you can start publishing links to your linkpage with a custom URL. The clear and simple design language enhances the general user experience. Oh, and the complete solution is available on a smartphone, because influencers don't have time :)

This module can be placed anywhere in the public space and shows on its segment display the graphics that are created and sent via the app.
Using the app, pixel graphics can be created and sent to all available displays in the city.

metab 1.0 - tangible Task Management stacked

This is the first version of metab - at this stage of development several modules were used which are automatically pushed out by the dock to subconsciously inform the user of an open task.

With the help of the dock, five different tasks are provided at once. The user is informed about important tasks by automatically opening a tab.
The automatically pushed out tab
By pulling out the time recording for the respective task starts automatically. The task itself is also shown on the built-in ePaper display.
In the design thinking process, extensive cultural probes were conducted with the subjects of a creative agency in order to find out the behavioral patterns when completing tasks.

This page will be filled with more projects at irregular intervals.